Welcome to the upcoming LahtiSec meetup 


Pikkuteatteri, Lahti


Thursday, Aug 15th, 2024 at 5:30 PM

Registration for the event is now open!

What is LahtiSec?

Founded in 2023, a non-profit organization LahtiSec currently organizes regular meetups where security professionals, enthusiasts, and other like-minded people can meet and network in the Päijänne-Tavastia region.

Lahti Cyber Security Society (LahtiSec) is a member of the CitySec -community

Remember to follow us on our social media channels: LinkedInTwitter, and Instagram. Our email address for any general inquiries is: info@lahtisec.fi.

Links to the other dimensions, such as Mattermost discussion channel and your LahtiSec membership management can be found here.

How to join?

LahtiSec is a registered association and is ready to take memberships at https://lahtisec.fi/register. Membership fee for a calendar year is 20€. All memberships started after 1st of September will include the next calendar year as well.

LahtiSec is also actively seeking Support Members, which are organizations, associations, societies and so on. For more information on Support Membership, please contact: info@lahtisec.fi.

Please see our rules (in Finnish) at: https://lahtisec.fi/rules

How to attend the world-famous LahtiSec events?

To attend our events, you should register and join us at Meetup-platform:

  1. Sign up (or login with) a free account in Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/register/
  2. Follow LahtiSec Meetup-group: https://www.meetup.com/lahtisec/
  3. Click “Attend” for the particular event: https://www.meetup.com/lahtisec/events/

You can register your account with an anonymous/made-up “John Doe” -name if you wish. However, registering for the event is mandatory so that we can keep track of things.

Thank you for understanding, and welcome to LahtiSec events to learn, network and have fun with like-minded people!